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About Lebrun

Francesca Lebrun, originally known as Franziska Dorothea Danzi, was an 18th-century German singer and composer. She was renowned for her exceptional vocal abilities and was highly esteemed by notable composers of her time, such as Anton Schweitzer, Ignaz Holzbauer, and Antonio Salieri. They frequently selected her for leading roles in their challenging operas, which showcased her remarkable vocal flexibility and skill.

Moreover, Lebrun was also a composer and skilled keyboard performer. She composed a series of twelve sonatas, with six in opus 1 and another six in opus 2. The first publication of her sonatas took place in London, England, between 1779 and 1781. These compositions were later published in other prominent European cities like London, Paris, and various German centers, highlighting her widespread recognition and influence.

Some of her opus 1 sonatas have been recorded and are available for contemporary audiences to enjoy, preserving her musical legacy and contributions to the world of music.

About Competition

The Francesca Lebrun International Music Competition is an online musical event aiming to thoroughly evaluate the virtuosity and artistic excellence of participants across a wide array of musical domains, including Instruments, Conducting, Composition, Voice, and Chamber Music. This inclusive competition welcomes participants from all nationalities and regions.

Our main ambition is to inspire a greater number of young musicians to showcase their talents on the digital stage and nurture their artistic development. This competition has the potential to provide numerous benefits to our participants, creating a comfortable arena for them to engage in friendly competition. At the core of our mission is the identification of extraordinary talents among artists, awarding recognition that can serve as pivotal milestones towards global careers.

The competition is meticulously categorised to cater to candidates' age, skill level, experience, and performance preferences.

Our ultimate objective is to support aspiring musicians from across the globe. The essence lies in offering young musicians a platform to push their musical boundaries and share their compositions. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to gain exposure through our online platforms.

Member Competition arranged by the World Online Music Competitions Organization

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